Last to know

So far the majority of my online shopping experiences have involved overseas sites. Nothing against local retailers but given I live in the country’s second biggest city (Melbourne) almost anything I want that’s Australian-based is already accessible to me. What I use my online shopping time for is cheaper deals on products such as cometics, or clothes that are unavailable here – otherwise I’m happy to spend hours wandering through Doncaster Westfield.

I had read posts about Addicted to Lip Balm (A2LB) on other blogs and can only really confess to a mild interest. Sure, I love a lip product but I don’t actually tend to get dry lips ever so the handful I already own was more than enough. Plus I’m fairly convinced I’ve already found my Holy Grail lip product in Smith’s Rosebud Salve so I’m not keen to stray. However after reading Melinda’s post well, I kinda really wanted the EOS balms. The exact ones she had. They just looked so pretty together. Melinda bought hers via A2LB so I had a quick look to check them out.

The first nice surprise I had was the price. There were so many great brands on there all at very reasonable prices – many under $10. The second great surprise was the $4.95 flat rate shipping within Australia, which I had to admit was the total selling point for me. I’ve never seen the EOS lip balms sold retail anywhere so I knew this would be where I had to get them, then knowing I wasn’t going to pay a heap of money on top of that just to get them to my door was fantastic. Thirdly, I discovered a heap of brands I’d never heard of before and was really interested in.

The A2LB site is divided up into balms, glosses, tints, plumpers, scrubs and stains so if you know the type of product you want it is really easy to browse. You can also view by brands which is what I did, picking out brands I already liked or that sounded good. For your first order you get a bonus 10 per cent off and I ended up spending about $26 to get four balms delivered to me. I bought the EOS sphere in Sweet Mint (although it broke my heart not to get the Lemon), the EOS stick in Raspberry Pomegranate, Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm and the tube of Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

My A2LB haul (and Anissa's post in the background!).

The EOS balms are just that – a balm. They’re not shiny in any way and leave that slightly matte, whitish film on the lips. Both shapes took some getting used to as the sphere balm has a dome of lip balm inside and the stick is quite wide and chunky. That said, they feel absolutely lovely on the lips and have fantastic mild scents and tastes. The mint is like the centre of a Mint Pattie and to be honest, the Raspberry Pomegranate is kind of like one of those fruit scented erasers from the 80s and nothing like either of the fruits it is named after. The balms are super moisturising so if you do actually, really truly get dry lips I imagine they would be fabulous. They cost AUD$6.35 each.

The Hurraw! balm was my favourite. Unlike the EOS ones, it is super super shiny and has a wonderful sheer red tint. It has only a mild scent and taste and the packaging says it is “all natural, organic, vegan, raw and good.” This wouldn’t usually be a selling point for me but hey, it can’t hurt when you end up ingesting the stuff! I’ve been using this at work and loving it because the colour makes it a little bit more dressy. Plus it doesn’t leave your lips with a weird neon stain after too many applications like some tinted balms do. The Hurraw! tinted balm set me back $4.95.

Finally, I bought the Smith’s Rosebud Salve in the tube. Oh man do I love this stuff. I’ve had a tin of it for about five years but it’s almost finished and the tin gets so beaten up in your bag. I find it’s a great all purpose balm not only for chapped lips but any dry spots, scars, sore noses when you have a cold, pretty much anything. I think the tube will be a lot more hygenic and easier to get just a small amount out of. It cost me $8.95 and I can’t recommend it enough.

The balms arrived in my letterbox within just three working days of ordering and came beautifully wrapped. I couldn’t have been happier with my purchases or the service. I really feel like the last one to know with A2LB as I’ve read so many posts saying good things about them over the past year or so – now I know for myself. The range is great and the cheap shipping makes even purchasing a single balm achievable. Go on and have a look and I’m sure you’ll be tempted by something…