Mixing it up

I have a friend, let’s call him Shaun (that’s really his name). Back in the day we worked together with another girl who we shall call Anita (because that’s her name). Anita had a lovely friend named Steph (you get the picture) and Shaun had a great friend called Dael (do I really need to go there?) and we all became mutual friends.

Then our company was sold and we physically drifted apart, with Shaun moving interstate. However we still catch up when we can and Shaun, Neates and I pretty much group email every other day with stupid little things that make us laugh and catty comments about a former employer. Never gets old.

Because Shaun is so funny and fun and just plain sharp in every sense of the word, I forget that he is actually quite important at his new workplace. I mean, he has an assistant. Anyway he was involved in organising the Limelight Lounge event in Melbourne last Friday night that showcased the most recent Australian Idol winner, Stan Walker and we were all invited along as his guests. We even had lanyards with ‘VIP’ written on them.

More than anything, it was a chance for us all to catch up and get together with a few drinks in hand. The music was really just an afterthought. My flat mate Sarah also came along and after around four glasses of champagne and some crowd warm up by Mix afternoon hosts Ant and Becks, Stan came on.

Say what you want about the Idol franchise but damn some of those kids are talented. Personally, I’m a fan of the show and will only watch reality shows where either a) singing or b) dancing is involved with the exception of Dancing With the Stars. When Stan was on the show last year guest judge Michael Buble said he sounded like his “throat had been kissed by God” and although cute teacher Toby was my fave, I was happy for Stan to win.

Yeah again with the iPhone pics sorry. Great night though.

Listening to him at the Bond Bar last Friday night I was blown away by how incredible his voice really is. With just an accoustic guitarist to accompany him, his voice was rich and smooth and almost perfect. Plus he looked like he was genuinely having a good time up there, which I always like to see. On the way out we were given a copy of his new CD From the Inside Out and I really like it. There are some great songs on there and if you like that pop/soul/rnb sound then it might be right up your alley.

Stan did a few songs from the CD but also a great mash up of Chris Brown’s With You, Rihanna’s Take a Bow and Beyonce’s Irreplacable, a cover of Kelly Rowland’s When Love Takes Over and the crowd favourite from Idol, Prince’s Purple Rain. Everyone there was having fun and getting into the music too, not just standing around acting too cool for school.

Favourite moments of the night:

  • Dael yelling out “STAN!!!” and waving at the singer from the back of the room, only for him to wave back
  • Me yelling out “Staaaanleeeey Waaaalkerrrrr” a la Karen from Will and Grace when there was a break in the music and the room was quiet
  • The fact only five people in the room got that joke
  • Anita harassing radio personality Stick Mareebo and telling him all about when he came to visit her school when she was 15. Then demanding he play Usher
  • Dancing on stage after a few too many drinks and showing those kids how to really bust it out
  • Getting to see the always wonderful Shaun

Seriously, that Will & Grace line was hilarity perfected. That’s what true friendship is, when people find the same silly things as funny as you do.

A great night was put on by Mix FM and big thanks to Shaun and everyone for the invite. The night finished with us walking several blocks to Hardware Lane for a very loud dinner and me complaining steadily about what were previously the most comfortable heels ever. Guess you can’t have everything go your way!

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