Miracle worker

L'Oreal 7 in 1 saviour

I absolutely adore nail polish but I can’t say I feel the same way about the process of painting my fingernails. It’s hard to make it look neat then it chips on me in mere days, so while I love having painted nails it never feels quite worth the effort. I’ve tried Shellac but can’t stand the removal process and how it damages my nails. So I find myself at an impasse.

I bought the L’Oreal 7 in 1 Nail Saviour at the supermarket the other night because it was on sale. I didn’t expect huge things from it but boy, was I wrong. Two coats and my nails look perfectly polished, with the merest hint of a white opaque finish. They’re smooth and glossy and look absolutely well groomed (even though I know they’re really not). I can’t comment too much on how the product affects the strength and condition of my nails but on looks alone, this one gets two perfectly painted thumbs up.

Miracle worker

Things I bought #24.


This has been a super quiet week – probably the quietest on record. Only the one purchase on any front, which is pretty remarkable. I’ve been busy in a good way, not the bad busy that makes you want to buy things to reward yourself. Might need a few more of those weeks.

Given we’re now a the half-way point of the year, a quick review shows I’ve bought 58 items in 2015 which seems like a lot. That encompasses everything from earrings to shoes to dresses to sunglasses. If I added it to my wardrobe, it’s included. I’ve also continued to cull a lot of pieces but I’d still like to cut down a lot more right across the board. I’m trying to be a lot more thoughtful about what I buy rather than just grabbing something because I love it (or it’s on sale) and then realising I have plenty of similar things already.

58 Zara Navy and White Striped Long Sleeved Tee $18 – I was wandering in Zara before dinner  through the week and picked this up on sale. I have a similar one I bought at Gap about four years ago that’s on it’s last legs so this will be a replacement. I couldn’t find a picture online but it’s a nice light cotton with a looser fit that is more navy with a white stripe than vice versa. A good staple. It’s not quite like the one in the photo above but you get the drift.


Things I bought #24.

Thoughts of the week – 28/6


1. I’ve not felt very much like blogging over the past week and so I haven’t. I’ve just been busy and preferred to spend my spare time doing other things. Previously I’ve forced myself to blog and it always backfires and ends up making me resent it. So this time I’m just relaxing.

2. I went to see both Aloha and Hot Pursuit and they were just terrible. Aloha might be one of the worst movies I’ve seen, ever. Ever.

3. I’ve started running again this week, sort of. More a fast walk at this stage. I’d been getting late afternoon/evening headaches and I thought sugar and caffeine might be a trigger so I’ve cut those down and dusted off my runners. So far, so good.

4. I also had to stop running this week as I took a massive tumble outside work (lucky it was 6am and no one saw me) and hurt my ankle. After two days with it iced and up, I went to the physio yesterday afternoon and it’s just badly sprained. Thank god it’s not broken, we all know how that ended up last time.

5. This Zac Brown Band song has been on repeat all week in my car. And I sing along.

6. I want to make a list like this of my own.

7. I went for dinner at Rice Paper Scissors on Thursday night and loved it. For Melburnians, it’s a bit like Chin Chin but much better (I find CC overrated to be honest). Beautiful south east Asian food and for $75 each we ate six dishes and dessert, plus two cocktails.

8. I need a new pair of my favourite Dorothy Perkins Harper black jeans but my size is consistently out of stock.

9. Awesome news about the US officially recognising gay marriage right across the country. I cannot believe Australia is lagging so far behind on this.

10. Port Adelaide losing to Carlton. FML.

Thoughts of the week – 28/6

The other scrub

Boots Botanics Microdermabrasion polish

When I was in the UK last year, every trip to Boots or Superdrug was a lesson in holding myself back. After all, there’s only so many tubes and tubs and bottles and so forth that you can cram into a suitcase. I was desperate to try out all of the stuff we don’t get here though, so I just had to be a bit savvy with what made the final cut.

I’m a sucker for a scrub so this Boots Botanics Radiant Youth Microdermabrasion Polish made its way home with me. It was actually the second scrub I picked up while away and is quite similar to the Soap & Glory one I also bought and already raved about here – both are super finely milled but exceptionally scrubby, so they feel like they are actually going to work on your skin. This doesn’t have the minty scent of the S&G and is for the most part unscented. I like to work this around for 20-30 seconds on my face and it does a really good job of manually exfoliating so my skin feels nice and smooth.

The Boots own lines are fantastic, excellent quality and are really inexpensive as well – don’t write it off because it’s a bit of an ‘own brand’. I have a feeling this scrub set me back around $10, which is pretty good. I also bought a brightening serum from the line that I’m yet to crack open but I have high hopes. If you happen to be in the UK then I highly recommend checking out their stuff and loading up for the trip home.

The other scrub

Things I bought #23.

57 Bohemian Traders

I nearly got all the way through this week without any wardrobe additions, however I was out for breakfast on Saturday before the football and a dress I’ve had open in a tab on my phone for months suddenly went on sale for 40 per cent off and well. You know the rest.

57 Bohemian Traders Prairie Lace Dress in White $100 – I first saw this dress on Instagram in a photo that was borrowed from the blog Iris May Style. I generally wouldn’t suggest this style is my kind of thing but I absolutely loved it and I reckon it will work as well in winter with tights as it will in summer. Honestly, I’d never heard of Bohemian Traders until I saw this dress (which also comes in black) but they do have some other nice dresses if this boho look is your kind of style.

23 Things I bought make up

On the make up and skin care front it was pretty quiet as well. Just the two Imperial Leather shower gels which I have had my eye on for a while and are now half price at Woolworths. They’re seriously good and smell way more expensive than they cost. I also got a L’Oreal nail strengthener which gives my nails just the right amount of gloss.

Things I bought #23.

Thoughts of the week – 21/6


1. NSW! I had such a great night at State of Origin and it was amazing to be part of the biggest crowd in history. My Victorian friends even enjoyed in and I was rapt to see the mighty Blues get up. Bring on the decider.

2. This week has been long and tiring and busy. I only had one day off in 12 and that was to go to Origin, so it feels like everything’s been go-go-go for the fortnight. Consequently I got home from work around 3.30pm yesterday and decided to take a nap… then woke up at 2am. Great.

3. I love James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke (Mariah, Biebs) but this one with Jennifer Hudson is comedic and musical brilliance.

4. A colleague and I are going to try and knock off every single one of these fantastic Melbourne bars for post-work drinks.

5. There seems to be a few movies about at the moment that I am keen on seeing. I want to catch Tomorrowland, Woman In Gold and Aloha before they go, plus of course Jurassic World and Hot Pursuit.

6. I have to learn how to Skype this weekend so I can talk to my brother in Toronto. I know, I’m so behind.

7. I think I’ve kinda, sorta, maybe been flirting with someone via email at work which is not usually my type of thing. How awkward.

8. I had dinner with a mate in Collingwood on Monday night and I realised we’d been friends for 15 years. Made me realise how many of my best friends have been around for a long time – I’m pretty lucky I reckon.

9. I love this dress, even though it’s the depths of winter here.

10. Off to the Port v Carlton game at the G today. I’ve no confidence at all but I’ve scraped up every last ounce of courage I’ve got and I’m going to sit through that game if it kills me.

Thoughts of the week – 21/6


MCG state of origin 2015

That moment when you sit with the good mates you’ve made since moving interstate 10 years ago and you’re watching your home team play the game you grew up with and they defeat the old enemy in front of a record crowd at one of the best sporting grounds in the world and some bloke you don’t even know sitting in front of you turns around and high fives you and life is just great.

91,513 at the MCG for game two of the 2015 State of Origin. Go you mighty Blues!