Off and away

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It’s been a strange year on this blog.

For the first six months I really felt like I had gotten in the zone – I was posting regularly, planning my posts, considering what content I wanted to put up and taking care of chores like snapping photographs so the process was as easy as possible. And I was really enjoying it. I’ve had this blog for nearly six years now and it’s become such a quirky record of my life in so many ways. It’s definitely caused frustrations and annoyances at times but overall I have loved having my own space to say or share whatever I want.

Then around June a few things changed.

Probably one of the biggest things for me was that I started running again. I really pushed myself with it too, so no matter what time I got home from work I’d put on my gear and head out for an hour. There were nights I’d get home at 11pm and it’d be an icy¬†six degrees out and I had to start work early the next day but I still did it. I found it helps me sleep much better (shift work can really knock you around with your sleeping patterns) and it also helps clear out a lot of the work or life stuff churning around in my head. Everything is clearer and the world is a better place after I go for a run. Problem is, the one or two hours spent doing that is time I usually would have spent with my computer on at some point.

I also started an AFL blog that took up a fair bit of time as I worked out how I wanted it to run. After a few years in the wilderness with footy I had been really looking forward to this season, even though Port Adelaide ended up being a disappointment (premiers 2016). The work on the AFL blog was labour intensive, plus I went to a lot more footy games this year than I have in ages and watched a lot more on TV – more time taken away from this blog.

And that’s also when things started up with the boy. I hate to be that friend but it just took a little bit of my concentration away. Sorry.

I’ve felt like the past couple of months have just been dialled in a bit and for anyone who has read this blog for a period of time and thought it has all turned to shit, then I apologise. I’ve barely been able to make much of an effort apart from ‘Thoughts of the Week’ and my ‘Things I Bought’ posts. I’ve considered on a few occasions whether I draw a line in the sand and finish up here but in the end I just couldn’t bear to do it. I have loved this blog and the time I have spent on it – over those past six years it has been a creative outlet like no other for me. I’ve never, ever been worried about followers or readers because I have built this thing for my own enjoyment and I’ve always thought with some amazement how wonderful it is that anyone else has wanted to read it.

Tomorrow I am heading overseas to the US, Canada, Cuba and Mexico. I’ll be gone for almost three months and to be honest, I don’t see myself posting on here while I am away. It’s been a big dream of mine to take this trip and I am enormously excited about it, however I don’t want the pressure of keeping a blog updated. I will be putting plenty of photos up on Instagram so for anyone interested in my holiday then that will be the best way to play along – my username is @mustardjumper. I’ll also be endeavouring to try and use Twitter a bit again but I won’t make too many promises on that front. I’ve started a Tumblr for my family and friends to follow my trip and while I’d rather not overtly advertise it here, there’s a lot of people I’ve met through running this blog that I feel have become my friends over the years. If anyone would like the link then send me an email – the best address is – or a DM on Twitter.

So there you have it. It’s been one of the strangest but most enjoyable years I’ve had in a while and I have a feeling that will only continue over the coming weeks. An adventure like no other. Wish me luck and see you in December.


Off and away

Thoughts of the week – 20/9


1. Last night was my dad’s official retirement function and I had an absolute cracker of a night. Both my brothers were there along with many beloved family friends, and it was the perfect night to finish on before I head overseas.

2. We even ended up at the one nightclub in town, which of course leads to flashbacks to my devious late teen/early 20s years. The floor was so sticky my shoe came off twice and I even drank some ridiculous Midori drink just to give it that authentic feel.

3. Then when we got home a mate pulled out a guitar and we sang and drank beers for the next few hours. The perfect way to end the night.

4. I wore Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon and it really is a dream red. I’m pretty loyal to my NARS Velvet Matte crayons in Dragon Girl, Cruella and Red Square but this is a genuine movie star red.

5. My brother and I have realised we are both going to be in Nashville at the same time while I’m on my grand tour. Even funnier is that we each independently booked the same place to stay. I’m so excited that we’re gonna be able to tear up the town together.

6. Devastated that the Swans are out of the AFL finals. I’m on Fremantle to win now and if not Freo, then West Coast. I’d love an all interstate/western grand final.

7. Also sad to hear Adam Goodes has retired. I have loved Goodesy forever and the treatment of him this season has broken my heart. I hope he has an amazing time in retirement.

8. I’ve just re-discovered this Taylor Swift song and I’ve been playing it on repeat.

9. The boy has been messaging me every day. I hate to admit it but I am going to miss him. Just a little bit.

10. So, just three days until I leave the country. Nervous and excited.

Thoughts of the week – 20/9

Things I bought #35.

77 Cotton On

So close and yet, so far. Nearly made it through to the end of the week without getting anything at all, helped enormously by the fact I’ve been lying on my bed for most of it.

77 Cotton On Joni Smock Top $21 – I saw this top in Cotton On – which is not one of my usual haunts for clothes because I’m no longer in my early 20s and wore the 90s the first time around – and thought it was cute and cheap. The assistant told me there was an extra 30 per cent off and I was sold. I tried it on first and I have to say, the quality is really good (the denim is more like a tencel than a chambray and has some weight to it) and the fit is loose but not overly short. I love this kind of top for summer so I’m sure it will get a decent work out – I already wore it today and loved it.

On the make up and skin care front, nothing to report except for stocking up on Biore Pore Strips. I would die if they ever discontinued them.

Things I bought #35.

Thoughts of the week – 13/9


1. Surgery all done and so far, so good. I feel punctured like a western suburbs stabbing victim and a bit tired, but otherwise fine and on the road to recovery.

2. I was incredibly lucky I was able to go in as a private patient and have the surgery done at Cabrini in Malvern. I honestly couldn’t say enough nice things about the staff there or my treatment.

3. Getting sick is expensive and I cannot say enough how vital having private health cover has been for me. It’s meant being able to get into a great hospital at very short notice so as not to impact on my upcoming trip. I know a lot of people 30 and over who don’t have private health (in Australia) and I just cannot fathom it. Were I going public then I would have been on a waiting list where they didn’t give a fuck I was going overseas in under a month. I know it isn’t cheap but you absolutely get it for times like this.

4. Before I went into hospital I did a big shop of ‘convalescent’ style food such as juices, Gatorade, Lucozade, ice cream, soup etc. Problem is I’ve been able to eat solids almost immediately and all I wanted was a fucking sandwich for the first couple of days. I was over smooth/soft food immediately. I’ve sorted that out now thank god.

5. Nothing will fuck up your life than being forced to sleep differently to your normal position #sidesleeper

6. While I’m devastated my team (Port Adelaide) isn’t part of it, I love AFL finals time. Even better when you’re on doctor’s orders to rest and do nothing but sit home and watch.

7. I’m very much looking forward to going home for my dad’s retirement function next week, especially as my brother will be home from Canada. Just another reason to rest up and make sure I’m appropriately recovered.

8. My best friend had a baby through the week and I’m so excited to meet him before I go away.

9. You know I’m a sucker for country and I love this song.

10. Only 11 days until I go overseas. Fuuuuuuuuck. Still a bit more booking and planning to be done so better pull my finger out.

Thoughts of the week – 13/9

Things I bought #34.

75 Witchery

I keep running behind on these posts but I’d like to think I have a decent excuse. My mindset has definitely changed over the past couple of weeks and I can very much see all the US shopping opportunities on my horizon so not many things at home are looking quite as good. That said, I still managed to add a couple of things last week.

75 Witchery Crystal Bar Earrings $25 – Since buying these on a whim I reckon they’ve become my most worn pair. They’re just really pretty and delicate and go with so many outfits. If you see them then I recommend grabbing them.

76 Dion Lee For Target Laser Cut Bomber Jacket $45 – I’ll admit to being a bit underwhelmed by the Dion Lee for Target pieces when they first came out and not many of them suit my personal style. That said, there were a couple of items I was happy to consider if they were reduced and that’s exactly what has happened. This bomber jacket will be a sharp summer cover up for dresses and the price was pretty much right.

On the make up and skin care front, the same lack of spending has applied. I forgot to take a photo but the only items I picked up were a L’Oreal hair colour (necessary evil) and a travel size of the new Schwarzkopf Ultime Sea Salt Spray. Not a bad effort.

Things I bought #34.

Thoughts of the week – 6/9


1. So… hospital tomorrow to get my gallbladder out. My first time having any kind of surgery – thus far I’ve managed to keep my wisdom teeth, tonsils and appendix. Wish me luck.

2. Footy season has finished for another year and it was a pretty disappointing one for Port. I thought we’d have a month of glorious finals to play but it just hasn’t panned out that way, which is disappointing. Bring on 2016.

3. I finished work on Friday so that is now it for me until 20 December. What a sweet feeling.

4. And with that, I now have just 17 days until I head overseas.

5. I got my hair cut through the week at my beloved Boda and I absolutely adore it. because I wont be getting another cut for so long, I asked for it extra short and it’s now a true bob, well above my shoulders. I’ve had so many compliments and even four blokes noticed I’d had a cut, which is almost unheard of.

6. Sometimes you buy a CD and it’s that good from first listen that you sit in your car not moving for the first six songs. I picked up The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness on a bit of a whim and to say I love it would be an understatement. It’s fantastic. I’m also obsessed with this song which I somehow missed when it first came out.

7. Both Seed and Portmans are doing rip off versions of the white Self Portrait dress in this style. I tried the Seed one on and it was lovely but I can’t justify it before the trip.

8. I’m not really into yoga but this post has been bookmarked for my return from overseas.

9. One of the only good things about planning for feeling under the weather over the next week has been stocking the fridge with ice cream and Lucozade.

10. The boy and I went out for a drink on Saturday night and it was really good – probably the best time we’ve spent together. I’m still not 100 per cent certain how I feel about him but I will miss him while I’m away. We’ll see what December brings.


Thoughts of the week – 6/9

Things I bought #33.

74 Target

Again with the running behind. At least I don’t have much to report, which is a blessing given I should be saving as much as I can for my trip.

74 Target Soft Jogger Pants in Duck Green $25 – I’ve owned these pants in black and grey and loved them, so when I saw the khaki version I grabbed them. Nice, easy pant that’s good for weekends but can also be dressed up a little bit. Good price too. I’m taking mine overseas.

On the make up and skin care front it’s been exceptionally quiet, all I did was replace my tube of Hamilton Urederm (best winter body moisturiser ever) and that was it. I’m already salivating over the prospect of US drug stores and Sephora though…

Things I bought #33.