Things I bought #33.

74 Target

Again with the running behind. At least I don’t have much to report, which is a blessing given I should be saving as much as I can for my trip.

74 Target Soft Jogger Pants in Duck Green $25 – I’ve owned these pants in black and grey and loved them, so when I saw the khaki version I grabbed them. Nice, easy pant that’s good for weekends but can also be dressed up a little bit. Good price too. I’m taking mine overseas.

On the make up and skin care front it’s been exceptionally quiet, all I did was replace my tube of Hamilton Urederm (best winter body moisturiser ever) and that was it. I’m already salivating over the prospect of US drug stores and Sephora though…

Things I bought #33.

Thoughts of (last) week – 30/8

legs bw

1. Life feels like a struggle right now, hence the day overdue Thoughts of the Week post. Not in a bad way but rather trying to cram a lot of stuff in before I go away for three months and here and there things are giving out – like this blog.

2. I went to the doctor for a check up after my food poisoning episode and found out I need to have my gallbladder out before I go overseas. So that’s not going to be the most fun thing ever. Though I suspect I should be grateful that I didn’t get sick while in Cuba or Mexico.

3. After a few days off running I was back into it by Wednesday night. You know, I do not love the actual doing it but I love the aftermath and everything that comes with it.

4. On Friday night I had a girls sleepover at a friend’s place and had so much fun, just drinking, eating pizza and talking with three mates. I don’t reckon I’ve done a sleepover in years and it was fantastic. Very tired at work the next day though.

5. Saturday night I drove to Ballarat for a party at a friend’s place and same again, just a brilliant night with mates. This was a lot of people who work in my organisation so there was plenty of funny stories going around and at times I was in tears of laughter. Such a great night. I didn’t get home until nearly 2am though and given I had to be at work at 7am, it was a very shabby morning. I may or may not have had a 40 minute nap on the floor about 9am or so.

6. Speaking of work, I had two of my best mates on with me over the weekend and it was great. So relaxed and more of an eight-hour catch up each day than actual work.

7. I’m sure I’m the last person on this bandwagon but a girl at work had the Lola Berry cookbook and after flicking through it, I went out that night and bought it. Big deal for someone who really doesn’t cook but rather ‘assembles’ meals. Everything looks delicious, easy and healthy.

8. I had to write a condolence message last week and this post was infinitely helpful.

9. My new Seafolly swimmers arrived and I adore them. I’m really glad I bought them and can’t wait to rock them in Miami, Mexico, etc.

10. The boy has decided I am some kind of punting genius after my $410 win last week and wants us to put bets on together over the footy finals. There is so much ridiculousness in that sentence, I can’t even deal.

Thoughts of (last) week – 30/8

Things I bought #32.

73 JCrew

Very quiet week again and fully getting into holiday ready mode. My one slip up was a printed J.Crew dress I have been lusting after for ages and finally got at a decent price.

73 J.Crew Brushstroke Sundress $125 – I have wanted this dress for so long but refused to pay over $250 for it in the first instance, then when it went on sale my size was consistently out of stock. I finally managed to snag one at a decent price and think it will wear beautifully in the warmer weather when I return from overseas.

On the make up and skincare front, not much to mention either. I bought one of the new Maybelline Dr Rescue Gel Top Coats as they were half price at Priceline but other than that, nothing to mention. Which is not necessarily a bad thing!

Things I bought #32.

Thoughts of the week – 23/8


1. I went home to Goulburn this week for my dad’s final day at work before he retires. He’s been in the NSW Police Force for 39 years and we got to watch him marched off at a parade, which is pretty special. It was such a brilliant day for our family and I’m so very proud of him.

2. My beloved football team even managed to get a much unexpected win up on Friday night against Hawthorn. It was a fairly vocal night at our place to say the least. Port Adelaide, I’m so proud of you too.

3. The icing on the cake for the win was my brother asking me that afternoon if I wanted to put a bet on. I’m not much of a punter but I thought why not, then put on two. I backed Hawthorn to win by a margin of 13-24 points and then Port to win by a margin of 13-24 points. Given how unlikely Port seemed to win according to the bookies, the latter bet paid $41. I put $10 on, Port won by 22 points and now I’m a happy girl and $410 richer.

4. That said, not everything this week was great. My first night at home was spent at the base hospital on a drip and loaded up with morphine thanks to the most excruciating food poisoning of my life. Good times.

5. Today is one month exactly until I go to the US. Frightening.

6. Also, don’t hate me but I’ve organised to take two weeks off next April and booked a trip to Hong Kong. I really wanted to go earlier this year but flights were about $1200 return so I went to Bali instead. Jetstar just had a sale with flights going for $469 so I jumped on board.

7. Though I technically don’t need it, I bought this Seafolly one piece to take with me overseas – I bought mine through ASOS and it was only $66 on sale but it’s sold out now. I thought the colours would be good for Miami/Mexico/Cuba.

8. I won’t lie, I really want to try the teal glitter part shown here.

9. Apparently there is a Palmers Cleansing Oil that’s new and I’m excited to try it. There just isn’t enough moderately priced cleansing oils on the market here.

10. I finally went to see Trainwrecked and while I liked it, it was a touch underwhelming for me.

Thoughts of the week – 23/8

Things I bought #31.

71 Dorothy Perkins

As my overseas adventure draws closer, I can feel my desire to purchase locally waning. Case in point: I tried a couple of things on during the week and put them back on the shelves after, thinking I could easily get similar cheaper in the US. The weather will also change significantly at home between when I leave and when I come home – it’s still cold here now but it will be summer when I fly back in, meaning any jumpers or cool weather clothing won’t really get much of a run so aren’t worth spending money on.

71 Dorothy Perkins Harper Skinny Jeans in Indigo $70 – I love these jeans and they have been my go-to style for the past year. I particularly like the washed black version but sadly they seem to have discontinued those. I picked up another pair in Indigo as the ones I have at the moment no longer fit thanks to my return to running. Not the worst problem to have.

72 Big W Khaki Shorts $20 – My current khaki shorts are about to die so when I saw these at Big W I thought I’d grab them. They’re a loose fit rather than a structured cotton and are primarily for taking with me overseas. Cheap and easy.

31 what I bought make up

On the make up and skin care front just a quick lapse into the three things I consistently over-purchase: cleanser, texture spray and shower gel. Seems all is right with the world.


Things I bought #31.

Thoughts of the week – 16/8

nat fyfe

1. I have to say, this has probably been one of the most topsy turvy years yet. Just when I thought I had everything figured out about myself and my life, a few curve balls snuck in. And soon I’m going to be embarking on a huge adventure so I can’t wait to see what that brings. 2015, man.

2. The past couple of weeks have been filled with plenty of sport and I’ve absolutely been loving the netball world cup. Can’t wait to see the Aussies play NZ in the final tomorrow and hopefully we smash them.

3. Also good to see Port Adelaide get a win today against GWS, though there was a bit of heat in it at times and the umpiring was as bad as I’ve seen all year. ALL YEAR. Which is really saying something.

4. Last week I went to the footy with the boy and as predicted, an interesting experience. Port were absolutely terrible and got flogged, so that wasn’t great. Then we spent 12 hours together, which I would say was great, except we got to the last hour and had a stand up argument that ended up with him storming off into a taxi. (At this time I will admit that a fair amount of alcohol had been consumed.) I can’t figure out if we like each other or we’re just going to be really great friends, and either way I’m off overseas for three months. Topsy turvy year strikes again.

5. I feel like this is a very sports-heavy ‘Thoughts of the Week’ but I’m just going to bat on. I’ve never been a he Nat Fyfe fan but damn. I’m seriously considering buying that copy of Mens Health.

6. This piece is an absolutely cracking read about Steve Merrick, a coal miner from the Hunter Valley who played two tests for the Wallabies in 1995 right before rugby turned professional.

7. I made the mistake through the week of adding up exactly how much my upcoming trip has cost so far and it made me want to gag #firstworldproblems

8. I saw this photo in a magazine recently and now I am obsessed with the idea of getting a print of it. Even better, the photographer is Australian.

9. I learned how to use Skype this week. I know, I’m so behind the times.

10. And finally, I think I’ve convinced my family to have Christmas in Melbourne this year. I’m going to struggle to get time off work and one brother will be overseas in Toronto, so there’ll just be a few of us. It also means I’ll be able to go to the Boxing Day test for the first time.

Thoughts of the week – 16/8

Things I bought #30.

70 Country Road

A long time overdue again but it’s been a busy week and one where I just haven’t been motivated to get in front of a computer. However, let’s bat on.

70 Country Road Broderie Panel Blouse in White $100 – I bought this two days before the Spend and Save kicked in and initially I was filthy, however the top sold out so quickly everywhere I’m just going to be thankful I got it in the end. I love a loose white cotton top and I’m especially partial to a bit of lace or a ruffle, and this ties it all together well. I’m going to take it overseas with me I reckon. The white is now sold out but there’s still navy or nude online.

30 things I bought make up

On the make up and skin care front it was quiet as well, however I grabbed one of the latest David Jones sample bags. I love these, they always have great stuff in them. To qualify to buy one I picked up the Kiehl’s Patchouli and Fresh Rose Shower Gel and I absolutely love it, it’s such a gorgeous spicy rose scent. Not cheap ($31) but worth it for a splurge.

Things I bought #30.