A cut above


All my life I’ve been a suburban hairdresser and do-it-yourself-at-home kind of girl. When you have super long hair like I had for many years, there’s really not a lot of difference in cutting a few layers into it wherever you go. I was really just there for the head massage during the hair wash. I’ve only had my hair coloured in a salon once – blonde highlights to go with my ‘Rachel’ cut in 1997 – and have generally stuck to dying my hair at home with a box of dark brown dye that matches my natural shade.

After I returned from Italy last year I finally took the plunge and had my hair cropped into a long bob. I took a couple of pics of Emma Roberts and Lara Bingle’s blunt, textured cuts and went to my usual salon and saw my usual person. She did a great cut in terms of it being easy to wear, however it looked nothing like the photos. When I went back for a trim nearly two months later, someone else cut my hair and did a much better job. This time she took a lot more off it and cut a really good angle that looked especially sharp. I loved it but I didn’t love when she went on maternity leave and I didn’t have the option of her cutting my hair again. So I went back to my usual stylist for my next trim and I just didn’t like the result. It wasn’t short enough, it was a bit shapeless and I got the sense she was just cutting to what she knew rather than what I wanted. So the search as on.

I’d heard about Boda Haircutters in Prahran¬†vaguely through blogs and Instagram – it’s one of those¬†fancy places where people get their hair done for the Brownlow and other local events (which really is¬†the pinnacle in Melbourne). However it wasn’t until I starting working with a girl who was a friend of Angie, the owner, that I considered going there for a cut.¬†My friend’s¬†hair was fantastic and modern, so I booked an appointment with Angie for after my holiday. I’ve really enjoyed having shorter hair this past year so I grabbed a pic from¬†Boda’s Instagram of a choppy, textured bob (the pic shown above) and walked in hoping for the best.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a better haircut in my entire life. I also think it’s possibly the only time I’ve ever been given a haircut that looked exactly like the inspiration photo. I filled in a new customer card that¬†asked questions¬†such as¬†what I liked about my hair, what I wanted, what sort of products I use, how long I spend on it etc which helped form a good discussion before the scissors were even¬†raised. After talking me through the cut then¬†chopping off a good couple of inches, Angie did an amazing job styling it. I love watching anyone who excels at their craft, particularly people who do things I can’t. She twisted it while drying it then finished off with some loose GHD curls and I’ve been replicating that at home. It also looks great when just straightened and with a blast of product, retains all the shape and texture.

Also I have to say this for the shampoo part of the process: Best. Head. Massage. Ever. And they had vibrating massage chairs.

So the lesson learned is that there is a huge difference between getting someone to cut your hair and getting someone to style it. You wear your hair every single day – why wouldn’t you want it to look consistently great? I’ve always just been happy to have a haircut that was good enough. My cut at Boda set me back $90, which was only $20 more than where I had been going, and I can say it was worth every single cent.¬†I thought I’d post this because when I was trying to search for a new hair salon I found it all a bit overwhelming – it’s the same reason I’ve never gone for a facial anywhere. The options in Melbourne are endless and it can be tough to make a choice. So this is my two cents worth if anyone is looking for a great haircut in Melbourne, Boda is absolutely my pick. Best haircut ever.

Boda Haircutters is located at 183 Greville Street, Prahran.

A cut above

The November mix


Ghost - Ella Henderson / Fireball - Pitbull featuring John Ryan / Wrapped Up - Olly Murs featuring Travie McCoy / Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars / Jealous - Nick Jonas / Rather Be - Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne / Wicked Games - Parra for Cuva / Outside - Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding / Blame - Calvin Harris featuring John Newman / Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande / Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift / Steal My Girl - One Direction / When I Find Love Again - James Blunt / Day Drinking - Little Big Town / Neon Light - Blake Shelton

The November mix

Blurred lines



Jergens is a brand that Australians have long had to resort to international jaunts to get their fill of. Their original lotion with its cherry almond scent is something of a cult product and I remember being pretty excited when I saw my bottle in a Japanese drugstore. More recently I’d been reading about their BB Body Skin Perfecting Cream and added it to my list when I visited Hawaii. Now Jergens is being stocked in Priceline so everyone can get their fill locally.

The thing I like best about the BB Body Skin Perfecting Cream is that it’s totally subtle. It’s not a glow cream or a highlighter or a bronzer masquerading as something else. The cream is designed to be worn as¬† body moisturiser which benefits your skin over time and blurs imperfections immediately. In five days it claims to “hydrate and smooth, brighten and illuminate, even skin tone, visibly firm skin, and minimise the appearance of imperfections.” I can’t vouch for all of that because I don’t wear it with a lot of regularity but I do love the immediate impact it has on my skin. I tend wear it on my arms and legs¬†on work¬†days and I find it does a great job of making the skin on your limbs look much better – kind of like running a good real-life Instagram filter over them. It’s especially good over fake tan¬† and as I said, it’s subtle and only has the absolute faintest of¬†shimmers. Your skin but better.

The cream itself sinks in quickly and isn’t sticky.¬†On me it’s quite moisturising but I don’t have especially dry skin and use other, thicker lotions at night for that purpose. I have the Medium-Deep version which looks¬†like a pinky nude shade when you squeeze it from the tube, however it doesn’t actually give you any extra colour and doesn’t transfer to your clothes in any way. It¬†also has a light, cocoa butter-ish scent that isn’t overpowering and won’t compete with your fragrance. All of this, along with the way it wears, makes it perfect for me to wear to work when I¬†want a product I don’t have to fuss about.

The Jergens BB Body Skin Perfecting Cream¬†is now available at Priceline for $14.99 and I highly recommend it. Even if this particular product isn’t your thing, they have a great line of moisturisers (such as the Daily Moisture lotion which Jessica reviewed and thus prompted me to post this) and their gradual tanners are said to be amazing.


Blurred lines

Things I bought #132.


I rarely meet a statement necklace and I don’t like and this Sportsgirl one is no exception. This is the second iteration of the necklace the store has done – the previous version had a reddish stone and I think it might have had gold hardware. I remember seeing and admiring it on a sales assistant but I never bought one before they sold out. When I saw the latest version I knew it would be going on my wish list.

I love the look of the blue crystal against the silver, though it actually has a pale gold chain. The stones have an iridescent finish so they change in different lights and the unusual shape is a nice contrast to move feminine pieces. I’ve been wearing mine with fitted tanks and my black Country Road midi skirt.¬†It is a heaver piece to wear but not so much you’ll be left with a sore neck.

I can’t find the necklace online but I’ve seen it in quite a few retail stores. You can pick up your own for $29.95 and Sportsgirl quite often do percentage off sales at this time of year.


Things I bought #132.

Thoughts of the week – 23/11


1. People are carrying on left, right and centre about this Serial podcast but I’ll be honest, if there’s one thing I could not care less for it’s true crime. Good luck to you all.

2. Last week I fell over in a carpark at work while wearing my new Country Road skirt and I’m still laughing at one of my colleagues’ responses: “Oh no! But was your skirt OK?!” It was and so was I.

3. This coming week I’m off to country Victoria for a work overnighter with one of my favourite colleagues. I’m so excited. We’re going to Insta it and create a hashtag. He thinks we should bring someone else along to film a road trip movie but I’m more a DIY person.

4. I re-watched The Lake House this week and though it’s thoroughly implausible, I love it and cry every time.

5. All the photos of the AFL players swimming at the beach in Perth ahead of the International Rules are killing me in the best possible way. Loves me some shirtless and wet athletes.

6. The Erdem Keira Knightley is wearing here is stunning.

7. Guess who has a bright and shiny new gold iPhone 6? Meeeeeeeeeeee! I am never up with what the kids are doing (I think I was the last person ever¬†to get rid of my iPhone 3, not even a 3G) but my phone battery was continually dying and I needed a better data plan so in I strolled to Optus and they’d just taken a shipment.

8. Bundaberg have these new drinks out for Christmas – spiced ginger beer, traditional lemonade and apple cider. I’m very excited. So far I’ve had the lemonade and it’s great.

9. What do we think of the Band Aid 30 version of Do They Know It’s Christmas? They’ve changed a heap of the words so it’s about Ebola and not starvation/general poverty. Not sure I like it t be honest. The original was such a big part of my childhood, we had Live Aid on¬†VHS and watched it all the time. There was also a Band Aid 20 version and what’s interesting is the snapshot the recordings provide of the popular artists of the time.

10. I realised my mum post went up missing half so I’ve fixed that. And the absolute pearler of a story from yesterday was me, sitting at my desk at work when my dad rings me on my work number. Odd. He tells me mum can’t get my car out of park, the gear stick seems to be stuck so can I call the RACV. I was understandably reluctant to do so without having a look at the car myself because I knew, I just knew, the bloody problem wouldn’t be the car. I try calling her about five times and no answer. Then I call the RACV, take my frustration out on the bloke on the phone, and arrange for someone to come around to look at the vehicle. They tell me they’ll need mum’s number so they can ring her when they arrive and I said good¬†luck with that, she¬†won’t even answer for me. ¬†Now I don’t have a workplace I can just leave for any old trivial matter but there was a perfect storm of a big job just finishing and not much else happening, plus the person who came to relieve me was ready early. I decided to try and rush home so at least I might be there when the RACV man arrives. I explain to my boss what’s happened and he says I should have a go at putting my foot on the brake while moving it out of park as it’s a safety feature on a lot of cars. Even though I drive mine all the time I can’t immediately think if I do that so I try and call mum again to get her to try and brief her on the RACV. I tried eight times and no answer – every time it cuts out and tells me the number is unavailable. Next minute my flatmate rings and she’s there with my mum, whose fucking mobile phone battery has gone dead. Dead. She never uses the bloody thing! I do my best to refrain from absolutely ripping her a new one verbally and tell her to try starting it with her foot on the brake. Three minutes later I get a message from my flatmate saying wonder of all wonders, the car is working so I can cancel the RACV. SERENITY NOW.

Thoughts of the week – 23/11

Summer pink

chanel tapage

I can measure my trips overseas, and to some extent any huge job that’s resulted in a lot of overtime, in Chanel nail polish. Regardless of whatever I’m feeling like at duty free, I always sneak one of these bad boys into my shopping bag. It started with Tulipe Noir on my first trip in 2007 and my most recent addition to the family is Tapage, a very bright pink.

Tapage is what I would call a summer pink. It’s bright and modern and fun – there’s nothing wishy washy or delicately feminine about it. It’s a bold colour, perfect for toenails peeking out of leather sandals. It’s a party colour, for when you know you have an exciting night ahead. But it’s also a chic colour for a grown up, no neons or crazy finishes here thanks.

I’ve been wearing it on my toes for the past fortnight and I love it. It’s rich and creamy and one coat is pretty much enough, though two will give you an absolutely saturated look. It makes me gag to suggest paying full price for Chanel cosmetics in Australia but if you know someone heading overseas then get them to throw a bottle of this in their bag for you at duty free.

Summer pink

Shit my mum says

grumpy cat

Jesus Christ. I love my mum but she has the capacity like no one else to drive me fucking insane. I have the pleasure of her company in Melbourne for the first time in five years – I’m the forgotten child, meanwhile my parents visited my brother TWICE while he lived in Thailand for two years – and I’d forgotten how infuriating it can be at times. Or maybe I’d just blocked out the memories.

For a start, my mum is going deaf which results in a lot of me yelling, “Mum! Mum! Mum!” whenever we go somewhere and her not being able to hear me from two metres away. Everyone else can though and they look at me like I’m a fucking idiot. Then there’s her capacity to retain no information whatsoever, meaning she asked me four times what the bottle of stuff I bought was and every single time I told her it was fake tan.

I love her, she’s a great mum, I’m very happy to have her here but I swear I’ll end up committed by the end of the week. Here’s some of her pearlers.

  • “I’m really sorry but I have to say something. The mould in your bathroom is really dangerous and it could make you very very sick.” There is a smattering of mould on one wall.
  • “Geez, you really know your way around here!” Yes mum, that’s because I’ve lived in Melbourne for nearly 10 years.
  • “I think we had breakfast in an alleyway here.” We did. And I told you we did the 14 times you asked me while we were at Camberwell shops.
  • Mum puts her handbag in a little trolley cart thing she gets at Big W “just so I have something to lean on” and I tell her to watch out someone doesn’t grab it out. “Oh do we have to worry about that sort of thing here?” I’m fairly certain we worry about that sort of thing everywhere mum.
  • “Well that ended with nothing!” shouted out in the cinema after Gone Girl had just finished. Yes, there were other people there.
  • “See that pink salt mum, that’s Himalayan salt.” “Yes, that’s Himalayan salt.”
  • My mum has a mobile phone in theory but never turns it on so it’s pointless. When I asked her why she has it then she tells me, “Dad might need to tell me something.” I asked her how dad would tell her something when the phone is turned off and she said, “Well he would ring you first.”

Probably my favourite of all is homing home from dinner around 12am –¬†I had a shower and got dressed for bed while mum waited downstairs. She’s sleeping in my room and I’m sleeping on the couch. Around 12.30am I’m hearing bumps and knocks so loudly they are crystal clear even downstairs. I have no clue what she’s doing up there. The noises keep getting louder and, conscious of my two sleeping flatmates, I go upstairs to investigate. Mum is trying to turn the mattress and pulling it every which way. I think I¬†whisper shouted¬†something along the lines of “what the fuck are you doing?!” to which she told me she was turning the mattress. I explained that was an incredibly unwise course of action at 12.30am in the morning and can she please go to bed instead of attempting to wake everyone in the house up. She looked at me and said, “Fine, well I’ll have to sleep on the other side then” to which I replied, “Great, it’s shouldn’t be too hard to move one metre to the left!”

Seriously. Never mind some mothers do have ‘em, some daughters do have ‘em.

Shit my mum says